Why Aren’t You Living?


It is not just that society holds us all to certain standards that no one really wants to follow…

It is not just that we are all trying to figure it out the best way we can…

But it should stop with the articles that are posted on Facebook 24/7…

What is it? 


That big scary thing that we are all living. I understand that sometimes seeing or reading how someone else copes with life can help us to understand our own. I get that. I really do. But what i don’t understand is why most of us are sitting in our rooms, in our beds, on our computers are reading articles about how EVERYONE else is living THEIR life. What happened to getting out and experiencing it all for ourselves? I mean have we become so afraid of life? 

I really have a problem with the marriage articles. It doesn’t matter how many articles you read about why or should get married, or how to love your spouse, or what to do when you have a fight with your spouse, you won’t know how to deal with until it happens to you, personally. And you lot who aren’t even married, why are you reading articles about what to do when your married? What about being single? Or in a committed relationship?

Sometimes I wish their were more articles about how be patient while single. How to be sure that you date someone because you really like them, not because you are desperate.

And the articles about travelling! We all want to travel, at least everyone that I know. Why aren’t you doing it? I know it seems impossible to travel when a.) you have no money and b.) you don’t want to go alone, but you don’t want your parents to go. But look back at how others have traveled. My mother’s aunt would work long enough to live in a new place for two years. In that new place, she didn’t work. She wrote, and she met new people, and she enjoyed and the spoils of the place she lived.

What all of this boils down to is that I am just really annoyed with all the articles that I see on my Facebook timeline. I get so worried that people are so afraid to go against the cultural norm or to step out of their comfort zone that they are missing life. Don’t get me wrong, if you are the type that feels that following the seemingly normal progression of life (i.e.high school, college, 1 year of travel, career, family, etc.) then good for you! I wish you all the best.

But if you are not, then what are you doing? Why are you putting yourself through something that you don’t even want.Especially you lot that are going to college just because your parents want you to or because you couldn’t figure out something better, In 10 years, what your parents thought won’t matter. In 20 years, they’ll probably have passed on, and what then? There will be no one holding you back then. but what has your life been up to that point? 

All I’m saying is, what society says is “right” may not be for you. What your parents want, may not be the best for you. Don’t be afraid of doing something different. Because in the end, it’s you that has to live your life, not anyone else. Don’t make excuses, be brave. 

So, why aren’t you living? 





If you are feeling spunky, comment with something that you’ve always wanted to do. Or why you haven’t done something you wanted. Or if you’re the one who went against the ‘norm’ and what you did! 


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