Hopeless Romantics

Love is so strange.

I mean, we meet so many people in our lifetime, but then there’s that one that stands out among all the rest. They intrigue you to the point of relentless research of that person. I have met two people in my life, that captured me in such a way. The first was amazing. Everyone remembers their first love. How could you not? But then, sadly, he died. The second is still very much alive, but also very much out of my reach.

Tonight I spent a good 2 hours talking to one of my closest friends about love. Both of us are recovering from our own painful experiences. I mentioned that maybe I was reading too much into a recent event, or that maybe I shouldn’t have sent a letter just for peace of mind. Or maybe that I was being a stupid little girl that still falls for the guy she can’t have. To which he fiercely replied,

STOP! Do not belittle your romantic mind. That part of us is the beautiful part. The valuable part. These feelings make us human. Whatever you do, do not be ashamed. There is nothing higher than and nothing more worth suffering for. Not that I want you to suffer, but if we do suffer, why not do it for love?

This is probably the most truthful thing I have heard in a very long time. Those of us who are the romantic dreamers need not be ashamed. We are, sadly, becoming a rare breed. Our minds are the ones capable of helping to heal people. We are the ones that love the life back into people. I am not talking about those who create a fictitious romance in their head with every person they meet. I am talking about those of us that don’t fall for anyone very easily. Those of us that can acknowledge that a person is attractive but never think anything more than that.

I am talking about those of us that find that one person that makes everyone a blur and we jump in with both feet. From the moment we meet that person we know that all the pain, all the heartbreak, and the sadness in the world is completely worth even five minutes in that person’s company. We gladly give them everything, our mind, our heart, even though everything within us screams that we shouldn’t. But just one taste of the love that some people never know is worth it all.

Just in my experience, I’ve noted that love, real, burning, passionate love does not last. It burns too hot to survive. But not everyone gets to experience such a love. It’s a precious gift that only a few of us are given. I don’t know about you, but for me, and the friend who said the above quote, the pain of the loss is well worth the love we felt.

Hopeless romantics, keep hoping.


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